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Scary of getting HIV

t i am sincerely need your help and advices. Your help would be a tranquilizer for me within the next 4 weeks to my first HIV 4 generation duo test.

I had twice oral sex without condom and twice vaginal intercourse (with condom) with a anonymous female who I just met on Apps Tinder. All I know for that lady is that she is a university student and she was born in 1997. I am not sure if she belongs to one of those groups of people that defined as high risky.

We had sexual conduct as long as we met each other. She gave me twice oral sex without condom for about 3 mins and 5 mins respectively, and I did not ejaculate in her mouth. I am scared if this sexual conduct can cause me HIV or some other STIs. One thing I need to mention is that she was having a cold at that time. Would her saliva will contain more virus so that I received higher probability of getting infection in this case?

The first vaginal intercourse was well protected, I am quite sure about that because that behaviour only last for 1 min, and I put a completely new condom before inserting into her vagina. I did masturbation to get my penis up looking for the second round, but I am not sure if my hand was having some of her vagina liquid which could cause me STDs when I touch my penis.

For the second sex, I put my condom on very early, about 30 mins before inserting (I put the condom on before masturbating and using the same condom for sex), and the behaviour last about 15 mins. The condom was dry. After sex I saw my sperms was inside the condom, in front of my glans penis. However, I remained scary because I am afraid if there is a tiny hole or small hole that I did not find out or recognize.

Do I have high risk of getting HIV or any other STDs? How is the accuracy of the fourth generation HIV duo test?

All this activities were took place in China, symptom are muscle sour, a very slightly pain on neck and no other obvious symptom
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You didn't have any risk so you don't need to test.

Only sex risks for HIV are penetrating unprotected anal or vaginal. HIV is instantly inactivated in air and also in saliva  (which means it is effectively dead so instantly can't infect) so can't infect outside the vagina or anus. Oral is not a risk even if you don't use a condom.
It doesn't matter even if you were cut and if you touched blood, because it is fragile and is not like a cold virus that can be transmitted outside the lungs by coughing.
The only other way it can infect an adult is from sharing needles then injecting which you didn't do.
All this HIV science is 40 years old and well proven over that time so nothing you can add to your situation will make it a risk.
You are not protected against all STD though, so you can visit the std forum for info.
thanks for the reply, what if the condom breaks, like a small hole?
Condom failures involve a large rip down the seam and are impossible to miss.
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