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Should I look for certain characteristics in an escort to prevent hiv?

In my country malaysia,the possibility of getting a one night stand in a nightclub is near zero or perhaps zero itself.So I'm thinking of visiting an escort agency.Of course the usual thing people will tell you that wearing a condom reduces AIDS risk but I'm thinking if should demand or ask for an escort girl with certain characteristics to reduce the risks even moreshould the condom break.
What types should I ask for?Here are some characteristics i think is should ask for:

1)One  who is new and has slept with the least men as possible.Possibly only 2 or 3 or even better a virgin cause she would lose it to another man anyway.3 risks are possible.The pimp could lie about her history and my conscience sit well by taking away someone's first time :) .First time penetration of a virgin could cause bleeding from her and make hiv risk higher.
2)One who is 19 or 20 which could hint they are still new and have served less clients which means reduced hiv infection.Again,there is no guarantee that a 20 year old has had less clients than someone who is 23.
3)Choose the one who is not pretty but passable in looks.Still no guarantee as she may look passable to you but might have had many clients because they find her very attractive.
4)Choose one out from the locals as the escort sites say that locals are not that popular.
5)Don't visit any escort agency but rather go onto a local yellow pages and pick the newest ad that arrives and give the girl in the ad the benefit of the doubt that she has just started and is less open to infection of hiv.

Anyone who feels that my choices are still not high enough to prevent HIV can correct me and even include new suggestions on how to make a better choice.Anyone who ahs had experience with escorts in this country are also welcome to give their opinions.I did also consider a circumcision beforehand as it is said that the AIDS virus can be "stuck" under the foreskin.
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No there is not. If that was true then you would be looking at over 1/2 the population with HIV.
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Is there word out there that states that the Aids virus is soooooo small that it can even slip through a condom that doesn't break?
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Use a condom correctly and you will not have a problem with it breaking. Simple as that.
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