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What is the HIV risk from 'red brown' stains in a pillow in the spa?

Hello! I went for a massage in a spa few days ago and while I was preparing for the massage and lying on my stomach, I noticed two dark brown spots or stains in the pillow case which actually touched my lips and eyes briefly. Now I was not sure if they were blood spots or other stains from previous clients. I am not also sure if the spa does change the sheets or pillow cases after another client. Not also sure if those stains were wet or dry coz I immediately asked to replace my pillow. What if those stains were blood and have HIV? Is there possibility of transmission if the pillow case briefly touched my lips and probably my eyes? Do you think I need to get tested ? Thanks very much. I need some answer for my peace of mind.
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Your risk is ZERO, no matter what.  You cannot get HIV from objects, even if they have blood or other fluid on them.  HIV is transferred directly from person-to-person, and not via objects.  The only exception is sharing intravenous injection needles, and that is because the liquid blood is held in a vacuum (the syringe).

Do not have unprotected, penetrative anal or vaginal sex with someone of unknown HIV status, and do not share intravenous needles, and you will NEVER have to worry about HIV.
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