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What is the test that is conclusive for Hiv at 28 days?

I am in the U.S. CAN ANYONE tell me the test that i keep seeing that is conclusive at 28 days? What is the name if it?
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You had no risk for HIV.  Any test you take at any time will be conclusive, because you're testing for a disease that you cannot possibly have.
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I appreciate your quick response, but future reference, what is the name of that test?
4th or 5th generation.  Brand name doesn't matter as there are a variety of 4th/5th gen tests on the market.
Ok. Thank you so much CurfewX. I will follow up with that test. Just fir peace of mind. I will post my results to encourage others. Happy Holidays
There is no reason to post your result.  It will be negative since you, again, are taking a test for a disease you were never exposed to.  It doesn't matter how many times people post that they tested negative from zero-risk encounters.  Anxiety makes people believe they had some risk when they didn't.
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