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I went in for a routine hiv test and was negative. But I’m concerned that a contaminated needle was used on me during my blood draw because a red, raised bump developed in the area the needle was inserted, and now, I’m afraid I got  infected with hiv that way. And for the past week, I developed strep throat and have swollen lymph nodes, and I feel sick. Could this be symptoms of hiv?
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NOBODY reuses needles now. Not ever.  Your red bump was from the slight trauma of having a blood draw. This DID NOT happen.

Strep throat isn't a symptom of HIV anyway.  

Move on from this non-event.
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Yes, I understand strep throat is not, but I’ve had fiber viral symptoms that have worried me, such as swollen lymph nodes, stuffy nose and drainage, and fatigue.
hiv doctors can't diagnose from symptoms, so no one here pays attention to symptoms and you shouldn't either. It is time to move on from the idea that a clinic gave you hiv.
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