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am i infected from HIV?

hello sir
i am asking again because me anxious too much, as well not got relief from fever, so if possible reply pls
me homosexual, and ano receptive man
i am engaged in sex with my 5 known partners since last 4 years
they are faithful(as i believe)
i suck their penis without condom and get ****** with condom only, each and every time
since these 4 years duration, i got tested for HIV 3 times, all reports were negative
but on 15th september 2011, i got ****** without condom from the most reliable partner, ya he didnt discharg his cum in my ***
but after 12 days i developed evening rise low grade fever for 2 days, and then high grade for a day, so consulted M.D. doctor, he examined me and diagnosed sever granular tonsillitis, and my hemogram shows WBC > 11,500
after taking antibiotics fever subsides within 2 days, also tonsils subsides to normal
after completion of course of antibiotics for 5 days, i have been facing low grade fever at evening time since 3-4 days
i didnt have skin rashes, no other problem, but ya, i have body ache, headache, muscular pain, no vomiting
i have some headache and low grade fever stll continue
i want to know, am i infected from HIV?
and initially when person infected which symptoms occur and how long it will persists?
please reply sir, as early as possible
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a "reliable" partner or not...you should never have unprotected sex with someone unless you KNOW FOR SURE that they dont have hiv.   hiv is found is pre-ejaculate also.

you can test at 6-8 weeks to give a very good indication and at that point it is highly unlikely to change.  follow up at 3 months
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If you had unprotected penerative anal sex then you require testing.An Hiv test at 3 months post-exposure is when you will receive a conclusive result.
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me tested for hiv-both elisa and p24 antigen detection- both are negative
what you conclue ?
pls reply
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