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help, i dont know if im just stressted or i just run to the hospital ?

Hey all, i met with a guy about 2-3 hours ago. claimed and insisted he taking prep. we did unprotected sex but he did finished inside and there was no sperm that i could see ( im aware there can be little drops or even more) . he finished outside few mitnues after the anal (which means he was not close imo).and then i went to the shower and notcied little blood from the anal. really little. i told him about the blood and he got all stressed out, after i kept asking and checking turned out, suprise suprise, he dont take prep. after i went out he kept message me about running to hospital and seriously his stress got me thinking something is not right (aka : he is hiding something) .

what should i do? from one side he really insist he dosent have hiv ( not that his words worth much now), and i couldnt see any precum/he finished outside few mintues after. from second side yeah blood and unprotected sex sounds really bad. just the stress about it might be not worth it.

am i just mega stress for nothing ? (consider no sperm inside that i could see) or is it really an emergency and i need pep ?help
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Unprotected sex is always a risk. But it is less than one percent chance. So, extremely low risk for a one time incident like this. given his reaction, I'd say he is not hiv positive. With low risk, I'd have you both test. He can test now to give you reassurance. Then you both should test at 28 days or beyond with a Duo 4th generation test. I'd expect you both to be negative.
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just to make it clear, i meant to say he *didnt* finished inside.
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