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hiv rash

Hi Lizzie/Teak,

Please reply to my concern. I would be grateful to you. I was having sex with a CSW in Barcelona. My condom broke and I had finished inside her. I dont know when the condom had broken.
She said she is clean. I dont really believe her for sure. She must be below 22.
After that day, I was dying out of fear. After 15 days I found some pain under my arm, but no swollen lymph node as such, There was no fever also. But on two nights I had woken up sweating. It was not intense but little wet.
No stomach problem. I had some burning sensation in my groin area as well.
No rash no fever as such.
But it is 7 weeks as of today.Now a days I am finding very tiny small red dots in my skin,scattered at many places.I can find around 10-15 in total.But I can find them if I see deeply into the skin.
There are few red bumbs on my shoulder.
But no rash as such

Please answer a very direct question, for which I would be grateful to you.

1) Are these symptoms suggesting the presence of hiv??
2) How exactly the rash like??
3) are the night sweating similar to hiv ars night sweats.
4) Can the lymph nodes react this way(I mean by nt swelling but giving little burning sensation)
5) Can ARS symptoms be found at this stage(7 weeks later)
6) what are my chances with just a single exposure,i had never any unprotected sex with any other girl in my life??

Please help me out. will remember your help  forever

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Reread the replies that you have already been given.
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Please I beg you....
give me a direct answer to the above 6 questions.
Please I beg you
The older questions were not similar to these
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dude, you need to relax. let me tell you a couple of things. assuming the woman was positive,  the average probability of infection for insertive vaginal sex with an HIV positive woman is .0009. That means that the likelihood of you being infected is .0009%. Male-to-female transmission was approximately eight-times more efficient than female-to-male transmission and male-to-female per contact infectivity was estimated to be 0.0009. This is because the lining of the vagina is a mucous membrane and hence more permeable than the outside of the male penis. However, statistics cannot tell you your not at risk. Only the test does.

Stop diagnosing yourself with symptoms because it doesn't help. HIV has no specific symptoms. Just take your 6-8 weeks test to know your status then follow up in 12 week for the conclusive result.
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