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1-HIV symptoms do you show all at once at the same time or consecutively (eg, sore throat, sneezing, and diarrhea after days and then two days after the pain joints etc ...)?
2. Can the initial symptoms to appear after 26 days (3 weeks and five days) from the time of the relationship?
3. How is the shape and color intensity and the size of the rash and place in detail when you see the initial symptoms?  Is it like the picture attached in one place?
4. if i have joint pain is intermittent and lasts for a few seconds In the joints this for HIV?
5-rupture when a condom into the vagina Do transmitted infection?
6-If you check the amount of white blood cells in normal numbers (eg 8.9) Does this mean that there is no HIV?
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ARS symptoms are too vague and mimic hundreds of other more common infections. Second 90% of those who think they have ALL the ARS symptoms are actually suffering from a different ailment. Finally, the exposure you describe(a brief unprotected vaginal encounter) ,unless with a known HIV+ ,partner(highly unlikely)  was a very low risk event.
Depending on how long since your exposure, testing may be able to provide you with your status. You can't do that by examining symptoms.
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thanks for replly
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