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symptoms of HIV

hi, am  a 23 yr old straight male who had unprotected sexual intercourse around 2 weeks ago.
recently some rashes  developed in my arms & thighs . they are not itchy & certainly not painful. they are also not accompanied with fever.
i haven't taken the test as I think its too early or is it ??
does this symptoms matches those of HIV..if so please suggest what shall i do.
am confused, worried & dissapointed with myself..
any help will be highly appreciated
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You had unprotected sex, therefore you need to test. The risk is low, but it's a risk none the less.

Get a baseline test around the 4-6 week mark and then test again at teh 12 week mark for a conclusive result.

Your symptoms are irrelevant and do not sound like ARS.
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really appreciate your response mate.
am relived more than anything..but the test results wil give a better idea.
is there chances of symptoms developing with time..
i.e 3 week mark fever..or 4 week mark..swollen glands..
also, when can i be absolutely sure am not "positive".
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ARS normally kicks in between 2-4 weeks after infection. Normally last about a week or so I believe.

Ultimately, it is 12 weeks before you can get a conclusive result.
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firstly, thanks ROB for your assistance , appreciate it.
now, joggen, I did go through your journal entry & it was really encouraging however all the facts & stats relates to those of numbers in North america.
while the above mentioned scene happened I was in India at calcutta.(for work commitment)
i have moved on since & relocated.
what are the chances & probability of having HIV  during first unprotected intercourse in India.
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The only way to know your status is by testing at the guidelines given to you above.
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All I know is the prevalence is higher in India...I will not speculate further.

However, I suggest you refer to the professional forum on the reliability of tests 6-8 weeks after exposure...so you have up-to-date information.
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Only a 3 month test is conclusive.
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the CURRENT guideline is 3 months for a conclusive result
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really appreciate your suggestions.
as suggested by Teak & Rob i went ahead & had my first test done.
the result encouragingly was negative.
now, i have certain questions from the test results.

the results is as follows .:
test result : non reactive/negative
method used : Tridot
Interpretation: This is only a screening test not a confirmatory test. confirmation to be done by western blot method in relevant results.
also, negative result doesn't rule out the possibility of exposure/infection of HIV virus..

now, please refer my above case..am just two weeks & few days into it...
when i asked when should i come bck for another test, he said 4 weeks from now & also he stated there is nothing to worry as of now.
The only symptoms that I have thus far is the Rash on my arms & thighs (predominantly in arms). But as many of you said, the symptoms really kicks in between 2-4 weeks. so its nothing really.
1. does the above test means anything or is it too early .
2. what is a western bot test..& why didn't the doc go for it the first time..
3. i visited my local clinic & the doctor over there prescribed me a fungal cream "FUDIC CREAM" or FUSIDIC ACID CREAM.
is it safe to use such a cream. he wants to keep me under observation for 5 days.
4. can the HIV virus transmit during unprotected vaginal sex with me ejaculating . & how long does it take for the virus to transfer
finally, 5. if its not HIV, I certainly wish it is not HIV..then what could it be ..?? these usual appearance of rash all suddenly. they don't itch neither are they accompanied by fever.
I have lost sleep, not able to concentrate on work ..tough times ahead. 12 weeks is indeed a long time.
any help will be highly appreciated. ya lot are doing some wonderful social work.
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3 month is when you can obtain a conclusive test negative test result. There are no tests marketed to give you a conclusive negative test any earlier.
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for what purpose is the fudic cream used for??
can you plese suggest me some more test other than HIV that i must carry out.
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You'll need to visit your doctor.
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That was really helpful!!
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It's not an HIV concern so if you want to know see your doctor.
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1)  too early
2)  a western blot is done to confirm a positive test result
3)  dont see any reason that it wouldnt be "safe"...it was prescribed by your doctor
4)  yes
5)  sorry...we cannot diagnose your health concerns.   we are here to assess your risk and answer questions regarding testing and transmission
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Thanks Liz , much appreciated.
will report back in 4 weeks time or if anything peculiar does happen in the intermediate period.
just curios, can you brief me a bit about HIV rash..& is it a primary symptoms.
looking fwd to er post
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a rash can occur as a result of early infection.  it is not a few little bumps as most ppl think and usually occurs on the trunk of the body (chest, back, stomach)
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as in reference to my original post. my rashes still keeps coming all over the body bar face , feet  palm & abdomen.
they are definitely not clearing up , some more are appearing
I don't have ay other problems..though..still very confused.
Btw, my rashes showed up within a week of exposure..
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No other problems? Then your rash has nothing to do with ARS.
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Thanks Teak, but I would like to point  out that am still only in my 3rd week.
should I consider going to a skin specialist & put my HIV fear at the backdrop or should I continue testing for till 12 weeks
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You need to continue with your testing. If you are concerned about your rash, yes, see a dermatologist.
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hi, thought I must post this, as per Teak's suggestion, I did visit a dermatologist, however he gave me a extensive check up but still couldn't conclude what bit may be..
I did mention the chances of HIV to him but he was pretty confident its not HIV rash.
however he was uncertain what it could be & asked me to do a Biopsy.
My biposy result is due on Monday.
now my questions is..
1. can a biposy result determine HIV from rash samples.
2, as my doctor seems to think it may not be HIV should I continue taking the test, am still in my 3rd week though
really appreciate your assistance.
waiting for your posts
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1. if the tissue is tested for HIV.
2. Yes
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Thanks Teak.
fine then will do a test on 6 weeks but by then my biopsy report will be out.
anyways will report back on Monday with my biopsy report.
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