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Workout Begins

I’m 58 yr old female and I weigh 286 lbs. (lost 6 lbs. in 3 weeks)I have rheumatoid arthritis in my knees and floor exercises are impossible the pain is unbearable.  Any suggestions for a full body workout.  I want to alternate Monday = upper body / Tuesday = 20 min cardio / Wednesday = lower body / Thursday = 20 min cardio / Friday = upper / Saturday = 20 min cardio / Sunday = rest.  The next week start Monday = lower body etc.  I’m sorry is this too much info I still new at this thing call sharing.  So much inside.
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Hi there and welcome.  So glad you are getting started on this!!  It may seem hard at first but our bodies get used to things and once it is a routine/habit . . .   it is much easier.  

have you ever considered water aerobics?  I think this would be excellent for you as it is no impact and  yet very good cardio excercise.  AND it has the benefit of resistance for muscle work.  I belong to the Y and they have many different options for classes from shallow end where you stand to deep end where you are moving the whole time.  This would be very easy on your joints and yet a great work out.  

I have hand weights at home.  I use them to do upper body exercises and then I will go for a walk.  Here is a way to walk that helps with burning calories.  Start your walk at warm up speed.  Then keep a moderate speed for 5 minutes and then speed up to a brisk walk for 1 to 2 minutes and then back to the moderate walk for 5 minutes and then speed up again, and keep doing this until your cool down.  Those little bursts are great they say.  But if you walk at a moderate pace----  do so for an hour.

I found it helped me to have a work out buddy.  We do classes at our Y almost every day now.  I particularly like the weight/cardio classes.  I started completely out of shape and just modified everything to my own ability/pace.  

As you lose weight, you will probably find your knees less painful.  I did.  And don't forget to use ibuprofen or what you've been prescribed for that pain!  

Diet is so important too.  This is a toughy for me as I like to eat.  I've had to switch things up a lot.  

If you need any weight exercises, let me know!
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Congratulation on doing the workout through the pain, you inspire me. If you can get to a pool water aerobics are great for people with arthritis
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Exercise is a best workout for pain symptoms and it allows you to lose your weight in a smart way.
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For anybody that wants help/motivation for exercising, losing weight, etc, come on over to the Weight Loss & Dieting forum.  

We have Question of the Month, Weekly Weigh in, etc.

One thing to keep in mind is that it's important to change up your routine, because once your body gets used to something, it's no longer a challenge.  If you do the same thing every day, your body comes to expect that and burns calories accordingly.

Same with food - change up your calorie count on a regular basis; one day cut calories by a couple hundred, next day or so, add a couple hundred.
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