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pierogis with fennel, leek, potato, and sweet corn filling

If Swampy had a Polish grandmother, she would be rolling over in her grave with this recipe. Swampy has pulled a large percentage of the fat out of pierogis, and added a kick to the filling.

Does it make the 400 calorie limit? Probably not if you eat it as a main dish, but Swampy had 4 as a side with his fish dinner this evening, and it might make it in that case. It is still a heck of a lot better for you than the pierogis you by at the church stand.

Swampy developed this recipe from a combination of two restaurant foods: fennel / potato pot stickers from Paradise Bay (served as a side dish with one of their fish dinners), and potato corn croquettes from Delica rf/1.

A huge warning: if you have not made pierogis, allocate *lots* of extra time. Its also much easier if someone helps you. Get your husband or child(ren) to work with you on this one.

You can also skip the peirogi part and just make the filling as a side dish. It is very tasty, and has the added benefit in that it won't drive you nuts.

For the dough:

3 c high protein (bread) flour
1 t oil
2 egg yolks, beaten
1 c water

Mix egg, oil, and water. Use your KitchenAid. Sift flour into the bowl. Start slowly mixing, and add the wet ingredients. It should form a very sticky dough. Fit the dough hook, and knead for 10 minutes. The dough will be smooth and sticky. Put on the counter under an inverted bowl and let rest at least 2 hours.

While that is going on:

Roast at 425 degrees until carmelized:

1 fennel bulb, roughly chopped
1 leek
(salt and cover with a little oil)

Saute in a little oil:

1/2 lb frozen sweet corn


5 potatoes, peeled

Put the fennel and leek into your food processor and process to a rough mush. Put in mixing bowl. Add potatoes, mashing and mixing. Salt and pepper to taste, then add the corn, stirring carefully to avoid crushing the kernels.

Let the filling sit for an hour until it is room temperature and the flavors have blended.

Now, remember that dough?

Cover a large surface area with flour. With a flour covered rolling pin, start to carefully roll out the dough, turning so it does not stick, until it is 1/8" thick. A good dough will fight you and spring back when you roll it out. Work slowly and carefully until you have it. Use a medium glass to cut circles. Place one spoonful of filling, then dab water around the edge of the dough, then close and seal it.

This is where you get people to help. One rolls and cuts, one fills and seals.

To cook pierogis:

Boil for 5 minutes or until they float. Drain. Transfer to a frying pan and fry until crisp on each side. Swampy used light olive oil and a non-stick pan.

Yield: 4 dozen small.

If you get tired, the dough freezes well. You can also freeze pierogis.

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Someone who works with Swampy has a family that just boils them, then serves them with sauteed onions and mushrooms...seems like a nice way to reduce the fat.
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These peirogis are delicious. I love the texture of the dough. Even after they've been fried a bit, they're still kind of chewy. And I like the potato filling. Not sure how I would feel about cottage cheese (not a huge fan of cottage cheese) but potatoes are always a hit. I couldn't really taste the fennel though, could you?
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Yes, potato and cheese filling is my favourite!  Used to be married to a Ukrainian, that's the only thing I miss!  My brother is married to a Russian Mennonite and they make them with cottage cheese inside, They then make a sausage gravy that they pour over it and add stewed rhubarb on top.  It is actually quite good!
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To make real polish peirogis, you fry them in butter, and you mix cheese (American cheese works great) and sauted onions.

Many recipes include sour cream in the dough, but the woman who taught Swampy to make didn't do that.

Martha Stewart has a recipe that uses a cream cheese and cabbage filling. Swampy's tried them, and they are good, but the potato filling has always been his favorite.
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I want some! Did you make these already?
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I'm exhausted just reading the pierogis recipe!

My daughter thought this sounded really good, so I'll wait until she can help make them.
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