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Anyone gay and had a heart attack?

If you're gay or lesbian and had a heart attack at a young age plz reply. I'm scared and angry.
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I have plenty of lesbian friends but I can't see any risk factors related to that. It still gets back to their diet, exercise, weight, family history.

Harry - what's going on? Perhaps poor treatment in the hospital? Laws are gradually changing to allow partners to visit and even make decisions concerning care but I think it's still largely dependent on which state you're in. Sorry you're having a difficult time. (Ah, I see you're in the UK. We do have others from there and may be able to help too)
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made a mistake signing up - I'm in houston texas! if you know anyone who knows of gay medical power of attorneys let me know. it's some doc that allows my partner to have the status of "family" so he can stay w/me at the hospital and doctors can share my med condition details w/him.

still in the hospital, so I gotta get this asap. right now he can only visit during regular visiting hours.
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I've done some looking around and I have sent you a private message with some information.  In the meantime, ask your partner to contact the Legal Aid Society in your county to see if they can refer him/you to an attorney that may be able to give him a free consult.  

Another thought - Have him check with the hospital Social Services Department.  They may also have some ideas on how to go about getting the right documents.  

I hope you are feeling a little better tonight.
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Ah yes, Texas. My oldest son lives there. Quite a bit different from our more liberal thinking Oregon. That's great advice Momto3 gave you. Hope you get some help soon and take care in the hospital. Anything there we can help with?
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This is Scott (Harry's partner)

Thanks for the info - we'll follow up on it. He's doing a lot better, and he gets to come home tomorrow - so that's exciting.

His family has left so it's okay now. he's not stressed out as much. Maybe we should move to Oregon - know some other triathletes who train up there. Texas gets too hot in the summer...yup, we definitely need to move to a blue state :P
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Hi Scott,

Great news!!  Make sure Harry takes time to recover....no triathalons just yet.  : )

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Good Morning Scott - glad to hear Harry's doing so much better. It always feels good to get home. Family - can't live with them, can't live without 'em. Or so it's said LOL

Depends where you move to in Oregon as far as weather and attitude. Here in Portland our motto is "Keep Portland Weird."  In other words, we just want to be who we are. Some folks think that's weird. Oh well. At least come visit sometime.

Harry - take care once you get home.
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Alright gay ppl - I know you're "out" there, in more ways than one! Don't make me have to hunt you down. I find it hard to believe that there are no gays who've had heart attacks! :)

You can message me privately/anonymously.

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Harry I am glad you are home. there is no place like home. I am trying to contact my sister (she is in the same situation as you guys are with the medical and I think she finally got permission to let
I honestly think that you have an emergency contact form at the hospital and put each others names down, then that should help.
sorry it tool so long to respond, but my computer is acting up.
I am not sure if the legal stuff is the same in all states, she is married to her partner (in Mass) however she lives here in VT I am not sure if this is how they got the medical consent or not. I just put a call into her and hopefully she will call me back.
I will let you know as soon as I hear
good luck
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Nice to see you...but, you better be getting some rest!!  Sounds like you're feeling a little better.  Bet it's great to be home!!

Scott, make sure our friend gets some rest : )

I love Portland's motto!!  Sounds like a great place to live!

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Woohoo! It's great to be home everyone. No more injections, and the obligatory cold stethoscopes by everyone who walks in.

What's with them - is this like a ritual in the CCU?! It's like they will not talk to you until they "steth" you :)

...and so many pills! Aargh! So do we have to take these from here on out?
Anything I should know about taking these:
Lopressor 200 mg 2/day
Plavix    2/day
Lipitor 200 mg 1/day
Niaspan 1500 mg
Asprin 325 mg 2/day

On one of them, they said I need to take it w/ applesauce! How weird is that? I think it was Niaspan - to prevent "flushing". What's flushing?

Weak and tired but happy to be home.
So how soon can one get back to swimming/running/biking? Which one first?

Thanks y'all! I don't really talk that way!
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I am gald you are home. I hate those cold stethascopes too. I think the term FLUSHING (no not the toilet either) could mean the color of your face like getting really red. the only other medical flushing I know is flushing an IV or PICC line. somethimes when you take medications it is best to take the with certain foods. I know i was on one and I didn't take it with anything and man oh man the chest pain was unbearable. once I started taken it with bread it was so much better. there are some medication and I am not sure if you are on one of them, I want say lipitor (can't remember) you can't have with grapefruit or certian foods due to the way it breaks down it you body.
hopefully you will be back on your feet soon.
I will try again today to get a hold of my sister and find out your information for the future
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Hi Harry,

Scroll up to the top of this page, click on Health Pages (right).  Then, click on "medications....."  There are many common heart medications on the page, with lots of information.

Hope that helps.

Before you begin training again, talk with your doctor about getting back into the exercise routine....

Glad you're back home!
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I talked to my sister and she said that the only way that they can get medical say so is in the state of Mass. that where they were legally married. her partner still has a resident there but the live in VT hopefully she said that VT will pass the law saying they recognize same sex couple as a marriage this will give them the right to consent for one another for medical. she stated that Texas ans Fla were the hardest to give way
I wish you both the best of luck
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Hmm...today was a difficult day. The "flushing" stinks...like a 1000 ants biting me all over my body...and the face got really splotchy and red. Also felt kinda loopy all day. Is this normal???

We got through all the forms today...medical power of attorney, life ins., will, living will...was emotionally draining, but so glad to get it out of the way. lawyer says only the people I designate will have access to my doctors and medical records. So now Scott can be there with me and make decisions for me - tho I doubt his judgement :P

I don't think we'll ever see civil unions/gay marriages in texas in my lifetime..next 50 years...I plan to live to be at least an 85 year oldcrotchety old fart! :)

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The flushing is from the Niaspan.  Make sure you take the applesauce as it will help control the flushing. You might also try taking one of your aspirin pills 30 minutes before taking the Niaspan. (I take 1 325 mg aspirin ~ 30 minutes before I take my Niaspan. I take 2000 mg a day with no flushing))

You might want to ask your Dr if you could start off at 500 mg Nispan, stay at that dose  for 4-6 weeks, then increase to 1000 mg, stay at that dose  for 4-6 weeks and then go to 1500.  That's what my Dr did.  Again, you must not change the Niaspan dosage w/o talking to your Dr.
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Does flushing also include splotchy and prickly? I get flushed with my hot flashes. I was just wondering if Harry's having a mild allergic reaction to one of the meds.

Harry - if you start to puff up or have trouble with your throat or breathing, call the doctor right away. Just watching out for you.
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Thanks for the advice - I'll call the nurse to find out. I'm taking so many pills so I can't tell which one it is that's causing the splotches and redness. Will it help if I drink more water? I'm drinking about 7 or 8 glasses of water a day.

Also having stomach pains and chest pains on the left side. Called the nurse today and she says I'm just really sensitive right now and not to worry.

Can a stent cause chest pains - the pain is deep - it feels like it's under the ribs.

You guys are cool - thanks for the help.
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Drinking water is good for your body but if it's an allergic reaction to something, it won't help. Sorry.

I've never had a stent put in, just had catheter ablations. From my experience, any time they go poking around in the heart area, there seems to be a dull ache for a few days. It wasn't painful to me, just annoying. Then again, I didn't have a stent put in. Others have and hopefully they can share how it felt to them.

BTW - thanks for the note and hugs. Back to you too. How's Scott holding up with all this? These heart problems are scary for family as well.
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Thanks for the advice on the allergic reaction - I'll watch it carefully. woke this am with the skin on my jaw burning and itching - guess its the niaspan huh?

Scott is doing ok...he's very very worried. I guess I shouldn't be sharing every little symptom I have.  We're kinda in a twilight zone right now - cant believe it really happened, but I guess that's a normal feeling.

Could only walk like 10 mins today before feeling really weak. Strange how one day ur going at a 100 mph and then boom - can barely walk around the block! But I'm here and breathing and have 10 fingers and 10 toes :)

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Thank you for your note you sent. it helps to get those "hugs"

Hope by the end of summer you will be back on your feet doing what you could do before or close to it

please do share with Scott your symptoms, yeah it might cause some worry for Scott, but at least he will be informed incase you need more medical help.

he wouldn't be so worried if he didn't care

please take care best to you and Scott
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