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Do i need to go back to the Doc?

i dont have any time to go to my GP ( 'Cause im currently studying) . After responses from here, and depending on whats being said i'll re-evaluate my need for a doctor. Okay, so heres the problem;
After exerting myself in almost any activity, (Sports, walking, ect) i begin to get a tightness the upper/mid/front side of my chest, along with palpitations that i can feel in my neck and upper chest/sternum. The rhythm of the heart speeds up when i breath in and slows down when i breath out. Feeling light headed and dizzy also. I have collapsed a couple of times. Anything caffeinated also sets it off. I have no history of panic attacks, depression or anxiety. Although i have noticed an increase of this problem when i become more stressed out.
The first time i went to see my doc about this she wrote on the referral;
- Iron Studies
- FBc (Full blood count)
- LFTs (Liver function tests)
- Cardiac Enzymes
I didn't follow through on any of these tests....
So any clues of what this could be?  (Or is she just covering her bases?) Any comments are welcome.
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I think you need to get the tests done. you cannot diagnose just on the basis of symptoms. You need a picture of how your body is working. And forgive me, but saying you have no time to sort out a health problem is pretty shortsighted. At the best you have your mind put at ease and can concentrate on your studies. If there is something wrong then it can be addressed.
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Yes, i am aware that using this site to gain an idea of what a wider community of doctors may think instead of going to one directly again, - is short sighted. Instead of telling me what im doing wrong~ (Which seems to happen VERY frequently with these sites, Would you actually have an opinion or even a guess, - Of what these things may lead up to, so i can at least expect something, and if there is something, know what is going on instead of being whisked through a whole bunch of tests and medical terms that i dont understand and no-body will bother explaining to me if worst comes to worst. So, please, instead of calling me short-sight - Would you have an idea of what could be wrong?
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This is a support commuinity. If you want a doc to answer your question, go to the "ask a doctor" forum.
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I can give you an opinion, if you are having chest discomfort with exertion and collapsing you should not be asking us, you should be seeing a doctor as you obviously have an issue. You have already blown the ability to have the most important test, the cardiac enzyme test as it only really does any good within 24 hours of an event.

It is obvious that your doctor is looking for a metabolic or cardiac cause to your problem. Let me ask you a question, did you even think to ask your doctor what they were looking for instead of looking from input from a bunch of strangers on a website? Seems to me that would have made more sense. I am quite sure your doctor is worried about you and not covering the bases.

You are coming here and asking people that are not doctors whether or not you are in danger and should seek further evaluation and you don't see the problem with that thinking. If you have issues with sites like this it may be your attitude and not the people here that try to help others.
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