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Help me.


Can someone help me to understand the following?

My aunt, who is 76 recently went in for heart surgery. The surgery was successful with my aunt up and awake, and sitting in a chair. Next thing I hear is that she is in a 'deep sleep'. Today is 12 days that she's in this deep sleep.

When I asked her son how she can come out of this operation, sit up, talk, joke and now be in this coma like state, he says that perhaps too much anasthesia may have done this to her. Also, her brain is swelling.

Is this possible...am I crazy or does anyone else see that something is terribly wrong?

Can someone shed some light on why something like this would happen?

Thank you in advance.
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Sorry to read about your aunt and wish her well. Possible causes of postoperative encephalopathy (brain issues) include the influence of anesthesia, hypothermia or diffuse ischemic (lack of oxygenated blood) brain damage (stroke and swelling of the brain), due to thromboembolism (blood clots) or air embolism (lungs)originating from the extracorporeal (cardiac and respiratory support) circulation.
Hope this provides some perspective of the risks involved, and I hope she improves.  Thanks for sharing.
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