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Multitude of seemingly unrelated symptoms

My blood pressure has extreme fluctuations. The lowest I've seen was 62/42. I went to the hospital last month for severe stomach pains and a strange mass under the right side of my rib cage. They took my blood pressure upon admission, 115/75 sitting, a few seconds later they took it while I stood up and it jumped to 132/85. They monitored my heart for the day with no further issues- although I was lying down for the day, which isn't when it happens. I ended up being sent home told that the mass was my kidney, and "If I wouldn't poke it, it wouldn't hurt" and the stomach pains were a result of severe acid re-flux. However, I believe they focused on the fact that I said I feel my core is almost always on fire, from my chest and back up to the nape of my neck, rather than that the pain was near my rib cage. With the mass, you can feel it when I'm standing up, but when I lie down, it falls to the back- which is where I thought the kidney is supposed to be-  They did a sonogram, while i was lying down, and didn't see anything.

Recently this last week, my stomach pains have grown worse. I feel heavy pressure on my rib cage, it hurts to cough and lift my right arm.
I guess I'm just wondering if I can get another medical opinion, because I'm pretty sure acid re-flux didn't do this.
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I have acid reflux and when you lay down, you feel the acid from your stomach run up to your throat, burning on the way. This is nowhere near the bottom of the rib cage. I would go back to the hospital and complain, say you are not happy that they cannot diagnose the mass. Don't be afraid, they are there to treat you. If it's anything like england, you saw lower ranking doctors. Ask to see a consultant.
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I had severe stomach pain - so I thought - for a long time until it finally went to the E.R. What did they do? Took my gallbladder out - I feel fine now. I am not saying, this is definitely what it is, but worth considering. Besides, when you have kidney problems, you'll know it.
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