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12years ago I had a six cab.recently on a walk I felt a burning in my chest. I had a  catherizatin done one found the arter that goes on the left side of my heart is totally blocked and can't be repaired. They increased my atenenol and isorbiride but I am afraid to do emptying for fear of a heart attack. Someone told me this is called a widow maker. Can I exercise I was walking on a treadmill for 3 miles and doing it in 40 minutes gradually going from 3 mph to 4 mph and changing incline positions from o to 12. Now at 2.6 mph and 13 minutes I get a burning in my chest and calves.
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The word emptying shoul be exercising
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When you get a burning in your chest, this is a sign that the cardiac muscle is not receiving enough oxygen. I would slow down at that time until the pain goes away.
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