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how accurate is a calcium score test

I had a heart cath done 6 months ago it said all normal 30% blockage left. since then my health not the greatest
very ,chest pressure, legs weak, discomfort in chest. blood pressure very highs and very lows, doctors treating.so my family doctor sends me for a calcium score test on my heart, they also at same time of test run electrodes on my chest. my doc. calls other day with test results very bad over 1000 score on calcium  left 436 and right look complete block tells me to get straight to cardio doctor go there p/a to cardiologist says no way this test was accurate she would not of even run the test since I had 6 months prior had heart cath and send me out the door totally confused. she said she asked the doctor cardiologist she works for and that he agrees with her no way heart arteries can change that much in six months. is this test not a reliable test
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The calcium score gives and indication of the amount of calcium found in your coronary arteries. Although a low score is of course better than a high one, it does not mean that you have severe blockages.
It can very well be that the calcium is evenly distributed along the arteries without causing any serious problems for a adequate blood flow.
The only reliable way to check for blockages is a heart cath, which you say was done half a year ago.

I can imagine that your cardiologist is a little annoyed by the fact that your GP ordered a calcium score test and confronts him with the results as it would have been more logic if your had gone to your cardiologist directly with your complaints.

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Hi there. When you went back to the Cardiologist, did they see you? It seems from your post that it was their PA you were dealing with? In fairness to you, you should be seeing the Cardiologist, not the PA. Whats the PA's medical qualification? Anyway speaking from my own experience, I had a Heart Cath which showed no blockages. 8 Months later I was having real difficulty with Angina symptoms on even small exertion. They didnt want to do another Cath. I kept insisting as it was so horrid , the ache when I would walk that I just knew something was wrong. I had the second cath then, and had 2 90% blockages in my LAD which required urgent stenting.
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