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stress test results?

Hi there.  I had a heart attack 8 years ago due to a clot forming post partum.  Since then, I have had 3 stress echos....at least one year apart.  The first 2 were done on the tread mill and the results were unremarkable.  The third one was done last week and they chose to do the injection of med rather than treadmill.  Towards the end of the test, I had heart attack symptoms ( which resolved with 3 squirts of nitro) and was sent to the hosp for an angiogram.  Results of the angiogram were good , except for a 25% occlusion in a distal aeortic vessel on the back of my heart down by the apex.  The Dr. said that my heart had "spasmed" during the stress test.  
I had never had a problem with the treadmill test.  With the med stress echo, my heart was beating faster than I think it ever has....
My question is....can they speed up the rate of a heart too much during this test?  If so, could the spasming be a result of that? I am not out to sue anyone....just want a straight answer.  Could they have given too much med?

Thanks, Nicki
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When they introduce the medication, your blood pressure, pulse and ekg should be monitored at all times and they should stop at the point your heart reaches its calculated maximum. Spasms are unfortunately unpredictable. I am curious, how did they diagnose the spasm? was it actually seen on the angiogram?
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Thanks for responding:0)  The spasm was dx'd after the angiogram was completed and they determined that it wasn't a heart attack...no damage done to my heart.  But they didn't see it on the angiogram.  I think the cardiologist made the guess after the angiogram didn't show much.

They monitored me closely throughout the test.  I didn't realize they set a guideline for how far to push the heart.  Thanks, that answers my question!

Appreciate your input:0)
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when i had the stress test done , my bp was so high they would not let me walk so i to got the shot, and yes it took my heart from 60 to way up there , i thought i was going to die it was beating so fast, mine would not come down so they gave me another shot to broing it back down. wonder how bad that is on your heart.
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