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Abnormally high heart rate during arousal

I'm having an abnormally high heart rate during sexual arousal. 130s, 140s, and higher. Just to clarify, this occurs during arousal, not the physical act of sex. I realize that physical exertion would increase the heart rate more. But, this seems high for just arousal, although I know that adrenaline is involved. Once my heart rate reaches around the 130s, I stop because it feels uncomfortable and I'm too scared to proceed.

This just started around three weeks ago. I've never had this problem before that I can remember. I am otherwise healthy, had blood tests recently, no existing heart condition, I do have anxiety though. Although, I've had anxiety for years and it never caused this before that I can remember.

The only thing I can think of that changed recently is that I'm having trouble breathing because of my sinuses. Maybe that is causing my body to work harder now due to lack of oxygen.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you.
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Perfectly normal heart rate during arousal. This causes an increase in adrenaline.

Abnormal heart rate would be something near or above your age predicted max (220BPM - Your age)
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If it's near or above my max, what could cause that?
Any number of arrhythmias or abnormalities In autonomic tone.

Especially if that max attained at rest.

Age predicted max heart rate represents what your predicted max heart rate would be during a time of intense physical exertion.

It’s the highest your heart rate is expected to go if you were engaged in an intense session on a treadmill.

Elevated heart rates below this point can also be abnormal, if they occur with no obvious trigger. However arousal, emotional stress etc are all scenarios in which the heart rate is expected to be elevated and hence the age predicted max is a fine “ceiling” for this sorts of events.

If arousal starts producing the same change In heart rate as running a marathon then this may be of interest.

Likewise, abnormal symptoms, fainting in particular, combined with an elevated heart rate can be interesting.
I have been having really bad anxiety and panic attacks recently. I think I’m just extra sensitive now and can’t handle the adrenaline rush. Could that be a possibility?
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