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Finally parted ways with cocaine use

Over the course of the last year and a half I have been using cocaine recreationally.  Probably about once a month I would split a gram with a friend and use it for the night.  I only would snort it.  After my last episode where I began to have heart palpitations after use I finally decided enough was enough.  2 days after my last use I began to experience chest pain and decided to go to the ER.  I had an EKG, which came back normal as well as bloodwork that the doctor said was a standard "heartattack" set of tests.  All the bloodwork came back fine as well as the chest xray.  I have a few questions though I was hoping you guys could help me with.

1.what tests could i ask my doc to do that can show of I have any long term damage to my heart?

I have made up my mind never to do it again, however the anxiety that I could possibly have damaged my heart is creating a ton of anxiety that I would like to put to rest.  Any input what be greatly appreciated
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If you have Chest pain, work with your doctor to understand why you have it. This probably needs to be a priority?.

Assuming that aspect has been covered and the doe has Cleared you, one additional test that can be done would be an echocardiogram. This measures overall function, and can be used to see some structural issues. It can be done while you are still, or whilst you exercise.

A  stress test  monitors your ecg while walking or exercising, or it can be done using medications that simulate this.

More invasive tests include catheterizations, usually performed to find blockages or heart rhytmn issues, not necessarily what you would want because they are invasive.
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If you continue to have chest pain I would suggest checking into the test mentioned by the previous poster.  This said, if it puts your mind at ease in any way, the heart is a muscle, it can get strained so to speak, but like any other muscle given a little time it can heal and be healthy as before.  I suspect you strained your heart with the cocaine and with a bit of time your heart will recover so long as you avoid the substance moving forward.  This said, if the chest pain doesn't subside then pursue other tests to make sure there isn't any damage.  Take care and good for you for putting your health first.
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I hope you've discussed your experience with your "friend" and others you may know who use cocaine.  That said, isn't even using cocaine against the law?  That notion is what attracted me to the post:  why would someone confess to a crime on a forum?  

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Thanks for your input guys.  I called my doctor today and I have an echo tomorrow and also he is making me wear. Halter monitor for 24 hours.  I'm hoping both tests show no damage to the heart so I can finally move on.  The chest pain I have been experiencing comes and goes but after 2 EKG and bloodwork I'm hoping that's a positive outcome.  I guess I will just have to cross my fingers until the other results come back.  Does anybody know if there are any other tests I could ask to have done to further show that my heart is ok?
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I believe a stress test and/or a stress echo are often given which of couse just test your heart when rate is elevated.  They may not do those tests though unless you specifically ask for them or tell them you are having abnormal beating when exercising.
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But why do you Think it is related to your heart? I would say that it is much more likely to be related to the drugs and the anxiety. Much much more. You are Young and all tests have been normal.Just relax..
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I know I just read all up on how bad it is and how it can cause blockages and heart attacks. It has now been 5 days since I last used cocaone and I still feel some chest pain.  I had my echo today and I am currently wearing my halter monitor.  Hopefully the tests continue to be alright. I don't plan on every doing it again I just want to make sure there is no long term damage before I continue to exercise again.
How are you doing now? Old post but curious
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