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Good luck and best of everything to Brooke_38

Just wanted to post something to let Brooke_38 that her friends are thinking of her.  Hope everything goes well and that you will be feeling better than ever very soon!

I'm sorry the driver missed picking you up....but I'll be sure he is there for the ride home!  Chocolate and all of your faves will be available at no charge!

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You are in my thoughts and prayers
...and we miss you.

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Hugs and prayers!!!!
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I know you will have WiFi access, so I/we look forward to an early quick note from you with lots of good news... our thoughts and prayers are with you.
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Hope the hospitalization is going smoothly.  Uneventful is always good in a medical setting.  Here's hoping the only event is a positive change in your cardiac rhythms.  I look forward to your being back to give your wise counsel here on the rhythm forum.  
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Good luck!!   I hope everything turns out for the best... We miss you!

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Thank you all for your well wishes! With any luck I am hoping to be out of here by tomrrow afternoon. What I am most looking forward to is a good night sleep...something that you NEVER get while you're in the hospital.

I miss you all too and look forward to getting back here as soon as I can!!!

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Wow, I must have missed something - tried to find out by your journal and posts and couldn't find anything.  Hoping this was a scheduled visit and you leave the hospital better than when you entered.

Hugs to you and your family.
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Me too - Brooke I don't know what is wrong but I wish you the best of luck.  You are such a blessing to have on this site.  Keep us updated - Frenchie
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I'm hoping that a monster HA is not part of a tikosyn burden.  I haven't really heard that before- like the folks on tridil gtts.  I'm sure you do have a HA, that is part of the package deal.. I hate to break it to them... but here is your tylenol.    I took the class on tikosyn (you have to take special CE before being allowed to give that med) but it was more about timing and QT intervals than the physiology of HOW it works.  I'm sure you'll know more about it than me.  I don't have the emotional link to that one like I do flecainide.  Propranolol is the one I run to if things aren't going well.  It's my drug of comfort- some folks here want valium or the sort... I just look for a stand by slow it down drug.  Labetalol works well, but my bp has never stood up to that bully.  I look forward to hearing how well tikosyn is on a personal level.  Be well.
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Hope things are going well!
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Hi...... You are indeed in my thoughts and prayers as always.  I miss you and hearing from you.  I'm happy to hear you may get home tomorrow.  Sorry I haven't written sooner but I've been out of commission for the past few days.  Things are getting back to normal and I hope the same for you.  I'm sure we'll be in touch real soon.

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I finally figured it out - you've been admitted as protocol for beginning the drug Tikosyn.  Hope all is going as expected and you find yourself feeling better in the days ahead.

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Best wishes, get well soon
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I am happy to report that so far the Tikosyn has kept me in NSR. I just had my 7th dose and will have 1 last EKG...if it looks ok I should be going home in about 2 hours!  

Thanks again for all your support it means so much!
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This is great news!!   The car will be waiting : )

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I am soooo happy things are working out for you. You are always in my prayers!!!
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That's excellent!

I really am happy to hear that.
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You have been in my prayers since this started, I am glad to hear you are doing well.

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That's good news.  Get better soon!
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I am thinking of you and wishing you the best!
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Thank you to each and everyone of you! I am truly touched by all the support, encouraging words, and notes sent to me while I was hospitalized.

You will never know how much it meant to me!

You will all be, forever in my heart:)

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