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Varying pulse strength, weak pulses followed by strong etc


In pulse oximeter its showing pulse strength varying like some 10 or more weak pulses in a row followed by row of strong and so on. When check BP multiple times on same time it vary a lot too like at first systolic little high then 2nd reading get reduced some 10 points etc. Is this normal?

I had went to a cardiologist and took ECG and echo and said normal.

Thank you
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I don't have a pulse oximeter so I'm not sure if this is the same thing but if I physically take my pulse it never feels steady. It's always speeding up and slowing down. Sometimes a few beats, sometimes one, sometimes more than 5, beating harder then weaker etc. I've never been able to get any answers. People have said that it sounds like PACs/PVCs in the past but I had a 24 hour monitor and it's not that.

The speeding up doesn't coincide with my breathing either.
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Thanks a lot for replying.

Pulse oximeter is a small finger held machine which gives blood oxygen level (Spo2) also shows heart rate (per minute) continuously, gives pulse strength and also have a display of pulse variation. Its available to buy from online sites cost similar to electronic blood pressure monitor.

I have quite a bit of anxiety and also recently started to feel lightheaded when standing. Not sure if its related to heart so to rule out bought this and seeing pulse variations in it made me more anxious.

Also have neck pain on left side may be due to incorrect posture.

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Nobody's heart beat is perfect.  It will vary and fluctuate due to all sorts of circumstances.  It sounds like you may be spending too much time hyper focused on your heart.  You were evaluated to have a structurally normal heart so maybe try and put your focus onto something else.  A hobby or something you enjoy to do.  Work on the anxiety.  It could be causing the lightheadedness.  The more you hyper focus the more symptoms you will notice that really are of no consequence.  If you get lightheaded upon standing try drinking more water and get up a bit slower.  The best thing you can do for yourself and your heart is to get your anxiety under control.  It will be well worth it.  Stay strong.  
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Thanks a lot for replying.

I too feel like anxiety as when I see sudden increase in blood pressure, pulse variations etc i start to get tachycardia which stay like that till i take some beta blocker to stop it. that cardio appointment was too for tachycardia.
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