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heart beat fluctuating

I am a 60 yr old male with advanced prostate cancer and a heart condition. I am a hard working, manual labor farmer. Recently, I have been experiencing fatigue and shortness of breath.  I went to the cardiologist and presently wearing a heart monitor and had a echocardigram yesterday.  While they were performing the echo my pulse rate dropped to 30 and than up to 60.  I am on Lisinopril -  40 mg  (Blood Pressure) and Metoprolol - 50 mg  (Beta Blocker), Simvastatin - 10 mg  (Cholestrol).  I am very concerned about this low pulse rate.  I do not see the cardiologist till next Fri. for the consulation. I hope I don't drop dead before than.  Any suggestions on what I should do.
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A brief drop in heart rate could be caused by different things. Perhaps you have some kind of heart block. But there are different levels of heart block - some that require no treatment and the most severe would require a pacemaker. You say you have a heart condition but didn't explain what it is.

If your heart rate drops to 30 and stays there, you may pass out. But at that point someone will call 9-1-1 for you. In the meantime, take things easy for now and see what the cardio has to say about the monitor results.
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Thanks.  I am being treated for high blood pressure, cholestrol.  I've heard that beta blockers can do this.  
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I've had heart rates as low as 30 while awake when taking beta blockers. I don't know enough to answer your question but here's a piece of common sense: if you don't feel dizzy, your brain and therefore your body is getting enough blood. The heart's only job is to put enough pressure in your veins to keep things moving fast enough to stay alive.
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