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svt or ventricular tachycardia? Very fast pulse for no reason.

im a 24 year old female who suffers from tachy for no reason.  actually went to er this morning and had an episode while on the heart monitor.  heart jumped to 155.  has been higher in the past.  doc said even though very fast the rhythm was regular.  said maybe svt and that was all i was told.  i cant take beta blockers becausw i have very low bp.  it seems everytime i get up to do something my heart goes crazy.  i have been in bed all day because im scared to do anything because i dont want my heart to go crazy.  also they gave me .5 of ativan through my iv and i have been so tired all day.  so im just curious what this sounds like.....also would love to hear others personal experiences. thank u so much.
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you should see the post i just posted after yours ...i know how you feel. I had that before in the ER. the ativan is an antianxiety medication. please see a cardiologist and they will prescribe a beta blocker it will keep your heart from going crazy like that it slows your heart and keeps it from having the "tachy" episodes. i was on toprol until i because pregnant and it kept the tachacardia at bay. i would get tachy for 2 hhours straight at 140-150 bpm...its not fun and it wears you out! best of luck hope you feel better soon!
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Good advice above.

I have normal to low BP and take high dose Metoprolol, a BB, to keep my AFib from running my HR too high - would run around 130 at rest without the BB.  With the BB it runs in th 80s and I can walk and do light work, just no more running... but then I'm too old for that anyway.

I had to adjust to the BB, it did in the beginning drive my BP too low, such that I could get dizzy when I would stand up.  So I got up slowly, but now not much problem in that regard and my BP is back to "normal", sometimes is even a slight bit high.  I now take 100 mg, perhaps you could be started on a very low dose to see if you can adjust. Some people get help from a dose as low as 12.5 mg, or 25 mg.

And, focus on positive thoughts, on family and good friends, that will help too.
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I am much older but have similar issue.I was diagnosed with PSVT. You should see electrophysicist cardiologist ( they specialize in these areas). Also have thyroid checked.... could have a thyroid problem.
  I have very low B/P too. YOu could try a calcium channel blocker first... it helps some people.with tachycardia.
  I take a very low dose of atenolol - 1/4 pill am, 1/4 pill pm of 25 mg. It did take some time to adjust to beta blocker, very low B/P but it got better after several weeks. You may have to try several different blockers til you find the right one as I did.
Best wishes to you.
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