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Inner Anus Pain Upon Clenching - Not while defecating

I've had an external hemmeroid before with all of the usual symptoms, blood in stool, discomfort while deficating, wiping etc.  It was caused by all of the usual problems (poor diet with frequent diarrhea),had the usual symptoms and was cured by usual methods of high fiber and exercise.

I now have a pain on the interior of the anus but what worries me is the abnormality of it.  There is no blood in stool, no discomfort while defecating or wiping, my diet is healthy with healthy BMs. There is no pain unless I absent mindedly clench the anus (you realize just how much more often you do it than you think when you feel it painfully each time).  If I clench it knowingly, very slowly there is no, or very minimal, pain.  I've looked about the outer area and it appears problem free.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?  I'm starting to worry, this is the 3rd day and it seems to be more painful.
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The best thing to do is see your doctor about this. They have some great creams to relieve the inflamation but are prescription. If you have one, poping is only letting out the blood that has caused the bubble. Once the tissue has been affected, it has become vunerable to getting them again. The thing is, you can change your diet but must include things that dont cause gas as a large amount of gas can cause them also, so a lot of salad can ease constipation but can cause gas. The trick is moderation.
Again, once you get them, it is often something we have to learn to live with.
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Hi and welcome, sounds like an interior hemm that has not popped yet but is holding blood and the clenching pushes it against the wall and causes the pain.
Just to be safe, maybe have a doc check it out, as its always good to have things confirmed to stop the worrying. Worry causes stress and stress can lead to other things.
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Thanks for getting back to me Life360.  Is popping a serious concern or very likely?  

Or is there anything I could use over the counter to try to resolve the bulging?  I have the proper diet and run a mile a day, I could sit less at the office perhaps.  I called the doctor office but he is on vacation and I dont think it warrants and ER trip yet.  
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Gah. That is the one thing that has been different, more gas than normal recently (despite beano). Thank you for your help. So, it's not uncommon to be without bleeding or painful BMs while having this problem?
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In my experience it would not be uncommon. When having a BM the walls of the anus are stretch out and the feces is soft so to speak, but when clenching they are stretching in and pushing up against eachother. The pain comes from the bubble as it is full of blood. The thing with exterior hemorrhoids is they pop more often from wiping but if you have an interior one, the only thing that will make it pop is more blood from pushing BM or gas.

You should try to find out why your having more gas than normal, its something your injesting.
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