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Is this hemorrhoids or something else?

Okay, so I’m a hairy dude, and ever since my teenage years, I have had dry, itchy and sometimes bleeding skin in my buttcrack.

There is also a small, itchy crack in the skin right below my tailbone, possibly due to dry skin. I read online that it could be a pilonidal cyst , but what I have isn’t a lump or anything like that.  

I **** like once a week, and I usually don’t feel constipated.

The reason I’m only now posting about this is because when I wiped after dropping a ****, the toilet paper had a lot more blood on it than usual. It wasn’t even a hot one or anything. Just a normal ****.

Usually, I wash my crack every day, especially after dropping some hot ones. I might forget to once or twice but for the most part, it’s clean.

Could this be from wiping too hard? Or is it from something like a hemorrhoid?

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Also, forgot to mention this, but my mother and grandma have hemorrhoids. Not sure if hemorrhoids can be genetic or not though.
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