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nucs peg add on combo with 100% response and 91% hbsag loss

this was posted already but it is better to enhance this data for all members and for all readers and keep this thread up all the time and separated

baseline hbsag<1000iu/ml has 100% response and 91% hbsag loss

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I totally agree with you. This is not a new news. We need more.
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http://www.hepatites.net/index.php?name ... mp;t=22654
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Hello Steff,

I read some researches that interferon does not work well in patients with HBEAG negative.

Before ETV treatment (6 months ago) I was HBEAG positive, but one month ago my HBEAG became negative and ALT flared from 90 to 330 (I do not know about ANTI-HBE status).

Does it mean that Interferon does not work for me? What do you think?  
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you have all the answers reading the research above.do not read around on the internet and do not read anything older than 2012 and which is not sequential treatment because wrong and obsolete by now

nothing work without sequential, pegintf monotherapy is 7-11% hbsag clearance, this is nothing when off therapy hbsag clearance is about 4% per year
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SafiSifa, you just said that your doctor do not explains about this disease. I noticed something in this forum that almost all members have the same problem. Do you know what? my opinion, as the Steff says do not look the old posts, because the new news are coming out and even many doctors are not aware, so they are afraid to talk with patients about anything they don't know. I had last week my visit,and even though my doctor is a professor of liver, he wasn't aware for the latest news of international liver conference. I showed the link that Steff posted, and he became very optimistic. He said: yes soon will be the same thing as for hep C.
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So, I think in my case,my doctor is absolutely excellent,but they are very busy with patients and they don't see every month every update, We all have to be careful and to collaborate with our doctors. Thanks god today we have all tools to keep ourself updated through internet. This is my message to you all. We should be happy because at least things have changed,we are not living as 10 years ago where it was only lamiv. we have more chances to be cured: keep in mind vitd3 and sequential treatment the thread above.
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