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you have trouble remembering things at all, I mean all the time
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Tx zapped my brain pretty much. This is very common during treatment.

Almost 1 1/2 years after tx, it is finally getting back to normal... almost that is.
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I'm not even treating and I can't remember stuff all the time.  It's the new world, how we interact and receive and send data daily.  Overloaded.
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Hi Cherry,

I see from your recent posts that you have at least three different health problems, and are now five years post-tx.

At this point, I think your best bet is to let go of your frustration about your HCV treatment being the root cause of all this. It may be, but doctors tend not to lend an ear to this stuff.

Realistically, how you can get high-quality and caring help is what I would focus on because your problems are serious, especially what may be neuropathy.

It's not really going to advance your solution to your immediate heath problems if you focus on the connection with your treatment five years ago. Maybe it was but what difference does that make to fixing the problem today?

What will advance a solution is to find a supportive and smart doctor, maybe an internist, who shows you respect and works hard to solve your health problems.

By the way, just to show how post-treatment issues are so hard to pin down, my memory is noticeably improved post-treatment. It's a puzzle to me, all this variation in response and impact.

I really wish you the best going forward but think that looking backward will not provide you the best solution to your serious health issues.

Find a terrific doctor to help and get the best work-up you can afford.


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thank you for your comment but I believe that the focus needs to be on interferon and rebetol. oh and I would love to have a doctor care for me.I believe that going forward without fixing the problem with treatment drugs would be a terrible disservice to humanity.

I have great concern for a society that thrives on stygmitization. I know that the prejudice and uncaring stems from ignorance. I believe that a hepc client needs the very best of care and I have not seen that happen. I am very much into hepc and I hope that my disease will get the disability status that is necessary to have the tests done and the roof put over our heads . I am chronically ill and live a secluded life from dating because I would never give this to anyone else. I am not going to ' pink cloud ' the disease as so many medical people have done. I want answers and medical and financial help. I am sick so do not throw me anyway. I am a human with hepc.
I worked in hospice once and a beautiful young black girl dying from hepc hurt so badly that when I turned and cradled her for bed making she cried out. Her family did not come see her because she had hepc.
And that is a very sick society. We can change this together.
Thanks people and find some beauty in today ; it is here. Rita
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