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felt ok this morning/ aches/pains/irritable at lunch

I felt ok this morning, walked dog, lunch time, feel achey in joints, back, everywhere, fluish again, is this the worse time of the day. Got up about 6, gotta lay down for lunch. Ready to pounce on anything that will talk back to me.
Called Specialist again today, still no word from anybody, been a few days. Frustrated, need to be at work!
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When did you start tx?  I started Friday night and have had flu like symptoms on and off since.  Nothing drastic but very irritating.  Thought the worst was over yesterday but started running low grade fever again tonite.  Still working and getting through the day but it's very uncomfortable.  I wan't to lash out at everyone too but it serves no purpose so i just keep my mouth shut which is sooo hard to do.  From all I've read this too shall pass.  I keep telling myself all this discomfort is a direct result of the tx killing those litte [email protected] in my blood so I'm pulling for the tx team.  Hope you sx subside soon.  
Take Care
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I developed a rather "short fuse" when I was in treatment. Hang in...it gets better!
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i think the anxiety of waiting on your bx results might not help with the pain and all that...also i noticed this time of year i'm more achey then other times of the year...the weather getting warmer and the days longer must have something to do with it...bx results can take a while...billy
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