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skin rash post tx

Two months post tx and the symptoms are practically nonexistant. The last thing is the rash on my face. Has anyone had success with any product? I'm off the steriod cream. It was thickening my skin. Really sensitive skin since starting tx last year. I have only been able to use pure vitamin E, jojoba, and grapeseed oil.
Otherwise, I'm mowing 3 acres, cleaning out storage building, eating the liver loving diet. So very happy. I still have to rest to keep heart rate and blood pressure low b/c of varices.
I remember Dee saying how it's shocking to remember that you have cirhossis after finishing the fight of your life w/ tx. The liver lovin diet works. Man, I want a cheese coney so bad. But my health is so good right now, that resisting temptation is a no brainer. On that note, I'm eating a high alkaline diet to combat skin issues. I'd love to hear a success story.
This is the most inspirational website on the planet. Yeah? :)
xoxo Karen :)
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Oops! Tanks so much guys. I'll check w dermatologist. It does have a blistery look around my nose. I'm still mega dosing D since tx. I think dr will veto rose hips. Lol.
I saw a nutitionisy right after biopsy. 200 mg or less of sodium. 60 grams protein. Very little red meat. That means im a recipe collector n have lots of herbs, low sodium baking powder, and really cook a lot from scratch. I love pancakes, gravy, andexican food. I've got work arounds for everything.
I found out I had 1 kidney at a young age and have lived a modified vegan/ organic since. But I love steak and work it in when I can. Internet has tons of recipes. The liver needs protein to heal, yet it is hard for liver to process and os a cause of HE. I have tons of tricks n will share if you message me! It's also good for building muscle n losing fat....
I'm at hospital waiting for my 3rd EGD/banding.  So my diet will be oatmeal, yogurt n Popsicles for a few days.
Love you guys. Hang tuff. Love to hear about ur successes.
Karen :)
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Just finished 3rd banding. It all goodimzoney right no!
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You can wear those rose colored glasses now.  What a joy to be mowing.  Sounds like living.  You are an inspiration in that you find ways to inspire yourself and it is contagious.  You rock.  When I started taking Viactiv Calcium chews (1000+ mgs w/ vit d3) my heart rate lowered from average 60-70 bpm to 40-50 bpm.  Would that help you?  Try some 'rose hip seed oil'  sometime.  Love your radiance!!!  We are so lucky to have you as a fellow warrior.  Sure appreciate your presence.  
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"This is the most inspirational website on the planet."
Yes, especially after hearing your stories and the way you've come back so quickly.  So good to hear.  Since you're feeling better at 2 months, just wait till month 3 and so on.  You'll be tearing it up.  

As far as the skin issues, all my rash and itchy issues to about a month to calm down, and the most problematic areas took an additional month to completely go away.  Be patient, it should happen slowly.  

You planning to do a PCR at 3 month eot?  Hoping and praying for you to see a UND post soon.  Big hugs to you Karen.
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It's great to hear that you are doing so well.

Hopefully the rash will clear up. I would probably see a Dermatologist about it.
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I also had some "rash" on my face after treatment, mainly on the forehead and around my nose, Dermatologist RXed Erythromycin Topical Gel USP,2%... Being cirrhotic I asked my Hepa, he said no problem. It cleared it up in no time..........Good luck
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Karen, so great to hear from you!!  Mowing 3 acres?!  Wow you are superwoman!  Hey, where did you find the liver loving diet?...or is that the name of it? :)  Yes it was shocking to me as you mentioned.
I agree with you 100%, this is the best forum ever!  I wish we could all get together, like a class reunion
Hugs to you Dee
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Karen - I love that the skin is healing up.  I am so sick of my ratty legs but I don't intend to go to a dermatologist until I am done treating in case she wants to put me on a steroid.

I hate the gain 5# part -- I gained a ton after my first tx and I am going to try not to do that this time.  Last 5 weeks and I am losing more weight during these last weeks than ever before.  

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karen, you are so awesome!!  i really admire your strength.  what is the liver loving diet all about?  i'm so happy for you that you're doing so well.  keep it up.  belle
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