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I have been diagnosed with hep c /auto immune hep with overlap syndrome. I am genotype 2 and I was seeing a hepatologist who put me on steroids because my ATL's were close to 350. I had a biopsy done 2 years ago that said I was at stage 2 cirrhosis but now I am seeing a different doctor & they are saying my blood work is consistent with someone with stage 3/4. They are fixing to do a bunch of different test and hopefully start tx. I'm a little worried though that my husband who is also hep positive will re infect me if he is not treated. Is that possible? I'm 34 and have 2 very young little girls and I am concerned that time is not on my side at all
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You appear to have some misunderstanding about liver disease and cirrhosis. Stage 3/4 or cirrhosis. It does really matter. As long as your liver disease has not progressed to the point were you can't treat your hep C than you can treat and hopefully cured.

Cirrhosis can be reversed in those with early liver disease caused by hepatitis C who are cured by treatment. As I am sure you the vast majority of genotype 2 patients are cured even if they have cirrhosis.

As far as your autoimmune condition only a hepatologist would know how that factors in with your hepatitis C and what your prognosis beyond hep C infection is.

By the way...hepatiits C is rarely transmitted sexual in monogamous couples. Something like 1/19,000 sexual encounters so there is nothing to worry about as far as hep C transmission is concern. One less thing to worry about.

As long as you are being seen by a hepatologist at a transplant center and under their care you are receiving the best care possible for your multiple health conditions. Follow their directions and you will have the best outcome possible.

You should talk to your doctor or a social worker at the transplant center and get a real assessment of your auto-immune and liver condition. To be worry about "time not being on your side" is stress you don't need. Even if you have a very aggressive auto immune disease (you don't say what it is) you can get a liver transplant and go on living even if your liver were to fail. You should really get the facts instead of worrying needlessly. Why add more problems than you need. You have enough to handle as a young mom. Unless you have some very rare case few people your age ever die of liver disease especially when they are under the care of a liver transplant center.

I've had hep C, End-Stage Liver Disease, liver cancer which I was told last year was terminal and had liver transplant 6 months ago and I am 61. We can survive even worse case scenarios. Get the facts and you will find out your situation is not as bad as you are imagining.

Best of luck to you.
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