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Cold sores? (First outbreak)


First of all I'm only 13, and I'm extremely concerned (perhaps too paranoid) that I might have herpes. Unfortunately I don't have pictures so you'll have to bear with my bad descriptions.

It started last Thursday (so 12/12) I noticed a red, sore kind of thing near the right corner of my lip (it was right after dinner, so maybe triggered by foods?) that kind of irritated, and also hurt when I moved my mouth. It looked like a pimple or maybe a cluster of pimples (?) surrounded by red.  It stayed like that for two or so days and then it wasn't as red, but surrounded into a bunch of cracked-skin things (which I could wash off, but they would come back- weird). It took around five days or so to heal (now its pretty much gone).

During this time I did all sorts of things to try and treat it- soap, facial cleanser ("Cetaphil"), taking Vitamin B (my parent's advice) and also Abreva.

My questions are- of course 1) is this herpes? 2) if not, what might it be?
3) are my descriptions reliable enough for you to answer? Also, how high is the risk of self-spreading to other body parts? I touched the area once and i had a broken/peeled off skin on that finger and once I touched my eyelid (very softly though) on accident.

Once again I'm really worried. In the meantime I might try to ask a doctor or even get tested to get more accurate results. I would appreciate your help though :)
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You know what, actually, the cracked skin things I was talking about MAY HAVE been dried up Abreva :P I did notice that they appeared when I applied it...

Also the fact that I responded well to applying Abreva makes me suspect even more that it's herpes
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There is certainly some chance that this is an oral HSV1 infection.

Do either of your parents have cold sores?

There is a significant chance you have had this since you were very young and having an uncharacteristic outbreak. 60% of the population will get this virus in their lifetimes. Once the infection is established, as I suspect yours is, then it is exceptionally rare to infect yourself anywhere else. Just observe good hygiene around the times of your outbreak and all will be fine.

You could get the blood test to tell you that you have HSV1 orally, but think about whether this is necessary.
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Well, I think one of them does- otherwise why would they have bought the Abreva to begin with?

Thanks for the comforting advice; I was actually pretty concerned and this helped me feel better!
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