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Please help! New Born at home, getting cold sore, kissed baby

PLEASE HELP.  I have posted here before, and I realize that my anxiety is quite high, and I have asked several redundant questions in regard to neonatal herpes, transmitted through HSV 1 cold sores. I have since given birth to my newborn son, he is 6 days old. I have been on Valtrex, 1000mg per day, since last Thursday, when I thought I had a cold sore coming on. He was born (15 days early) that Saturday.  

Since then, I have continued with the 1000mg/day, however, in the last few days, I had forgotten to take the two pills (500mg each) 12 hours apart, and have taken at odd hours, and/or in the middle of the night when I remembered (life is hectic with 3 children 3 years old and under).  

I have refrained from kissing my newborn son at all, and I have been very diligent in asking others not to kiss him, or even touch his hands or face. My hands are sore and split from excessive hand washing (yes, I am well aware of my anxiety and OCD), that is how cautious I have been.

Earlier today, I couldn't resist- I kissed my baby's little bare newborn feet.  I felt guilty immediately, and wiped them with a baby wipe.  A few minutes later, I felt even worse about it, and wiped them with a very tiny bit of alcohol (but again, several minutes had passed by then).  I had one sore spot on my lip at that point, but didn't think it was a cold sore coming on.

A few hours later, and while running my teeth along my bottom lip, I felt sore spots right where I usually break out. My lip is red and swollen, and it feels like I am having prodromal symptoms.  I took an extra Valtrex, 500mg.  It definitely feels like I am getting a cold sore, but no blister yet. I think the Valtrex will take care of this outbreak before it forms blisters, but I am definitely contagious right now.

I thought the baby's feet were a "safe place" to kiss him, because I thought the virus needed a break in the skin or a mucus membrane in order to get in.  But, from my reading, it seems any skin-to-skin contact is dangerous for a newborn, and I am scared out of my mind.  His feet are dry and cracked a little bit- typical newborn skin.

I am crying my eyes out, thinking that I have passed on neonatal herpes to my newborn, despite my overzealous efforts to keep him from this, and it is my own fault, just because I wanted to kiss his little feet.

Please help me here... can he contract it from skin-to-skin contact in a non-typical area of the body, such as the soles of his feet? They did take blood from his foot area at birth, but it is now a scab, and not open.
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