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permanent damage to blood pressure?

kind of personal but its important 3 days ago i took concerta 54mg, it was a dirty pill that was exposed for week and a half but i needed it i took it on 8:16 in the morning, so it will last untill 20:16 or 20:46 depends on when the 12 hours begin around 18:00 i felt a sexual urge, i had an eraction but i didnt do anything with it 5 - 6 minuets after i tried to masterbate, i failed to get aroused just by sight and had to somewhat force ejacuation (i got arousd only after 40 seconds of.. well... trying to get aroused) my head started hurting during the arousal process and during the ejacuation and i felt like my left arm is going to explode(left arm has nothing to do with the masterbation but with the blood pressure), i had weird sensations of shocks on my veins in legs and arms this lasted for 2-10 minutes usually i do not masterbate long time before the pill is ending.. this was an exception on 20:20 i then masterbated again out of thinking it will reset the sensations it didnt..my left arm has been under pressure ever since.. if i do not do anything for 2 hours then it might relax drinking coca cola now makes it go under a lot of more pressure(i drink a lot of coca cola, like 2.25 liters a day, it never caused me any sensation on the left arm, never, also i mention again there is pressure even without consuming sugar) now i get it its the blood pressure i also feel like my mind is still on concerta, like my thinking is still the same, (theres a lot of difference between these states so im pretty sure that mind is still on concerta) the head hurting when masterbating close to the pill expire time is somthing im used to, the blood pressure ASWELL,i masterbate 10 minutes before or after the pill expire and then theres some pressure on left hand that lasts 2 hours and after that i can sleep.. this time i did it 3 hours before the expire, i ignored my body's signs and now it lasts 3 days... can there be permanent damage to my body? did my mind not get to exit properly out of the conerta's influence? do i need to take it again and let it leave the body peacefully?
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