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How To Differ Small Genital Wart With Vinegar?

i keep reading that using apple cider vinegar can help us to identify small/very small genital wart. People say wart usually would turn white when we apply vinegar on it but I don't understand what it meant. Every time i suspect there's a very small "unusual" bump, i always applied vinegar on it. The whole skin usually would turn white (well that's always the case when you apply vinegar anywhere, the color of your skin changed for awhile before it turned normal). so how to differ this "white color" im talking about with the white color on wart? Confused

also, when i applied vinegar, instead of turning white the suspected spot usually turned reddish (the skin around it)...maybe because of irritation i dont know Confused

So let's say i have this very small bump that i suspect could be a new genital wart. I applied vinegar on it, then that spot became reddish instead of white after awhile, is it a genital wart? Usually few hours later the "reddish" color would turn back to normal and the bump look exactly the same with before i applied vinegar.

Most of the times when i went to my doctors (i had been to maybe 5-6 different urologists), they always said "no it's not a wart, just enlarged pores or itchy skin, etc." The magic thing is, usually after 1-2 weeks the very small bump also disappear by itself. So i conclude those stuffs weren't really warts.

But i still find it hard to differ which one is wart and which one is just something normal, because i remember the first time i had genital wart, the doctor actually removed every little bump on me, including bumps that actually look like these ones. Of course back then there were also obvious warts, which were bigger and look white.

And talking about asking doctors about every little bump on my penis, of course there was a time when i had one of these "enlarged pores", one doctor actually told me "it is suspicious, might be a wart" so he applied podophyllin on it.

So how can I differ wart from the others? How come people say vinegar helped them to identify one where I have no idea what vinegar actually does? Is it true that vinegar can "remove" the wart like aldara? So if my "bump" still there after i applied vinegar, it means that is not a wart?

*PS: My very little bump have been always "very little", like almost unseenable. You need proper light in bathroom in the morning to be able to spot them, just like how you can see your pores in the same situation. Problem is, every time i diagnosed with warts, they also look very small, although not as small as these "suspicious" bumps. The last time my doctor told me i had new wart, he wasnt 100% sure it was a wart or not, he just said "it is suspicious" but he still removed it.
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