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Effective strategy for controlling Blood Pressure

Simply walking for 30 minutes most evenings after dinner is said to greatly improve cardiovascular health including lowering blood pressure. I have started this. I'm trying to make an automatic habit by pairing it with another activity. Walk and then do activity. Can't do activity until I walk. It's been working to get me to do the walking . . . am monitoring to see if it affects things. One thing that is gone is body aches and pains. Inactivity increases those, for sure.
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For activity I walk, preferably outdoors, 2+ miles every day and track it on an Apple Watch. That’s the only activity I actually track, and don’t include the twice daily 1/2 mile dog walks or twice weekly strength training sessions that run for little over an hour each. Sitting for long periods doesn’t work well for me, much prefer moving around and standing up.
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