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HIGH bp after childbirth

hi i have been told i have hypertension from my gp who has gave me ramipril 5mg . im not sure whether to take them im 17weeks postpartum . i had high bp in hosp 140/96 my surgeon who was looking after me put it down to white coat syndrome as when i was relaxed it came down . anyway i visted my new nurse for checks every 2 weeks and i told her abt my whitecoat syndrome but she wouldnt listen and never let me calm down she took the reading when i was in a full blown panic attack  now my gp want me to start on these pills which i dont want to take . as i feel my bp was high due to my fear of getting my bp took . so should i go ahead with the tabs i cant afford the side effects with a new baby im 38 years old  and abt 2 stone over weight since having my boy thanks
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Have u tried taking your bp while away from your doctor?
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thank you for replying .  i ahd the gp on thurs and it was 190/114 lol so i went out and bought a machine and the highest ive had was 151/90  since ive calmed down most of my readings have been 130 at highest to 116 lowest and 90 highest lowest 72  but 119/77 seems to be my average .
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