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Weight gain after surgery

I am a 58 years old postmenapausal woman. I had 2 c sections and then a laparoscopic partial hysterectomy at 42. I have always been slim and petit and in shape. I just gained unexpected and unexplainable weight after my bilateral salpingo oophorectomy on June 9th,2015--I feel miserable! My breasts feel heavy and my stomach is bloated and feel swollen every time I eat. Is this NORMAL??? I take gas -x it helps, but the weight??? --- My question is, how long does it take to recover and go back to feeling normal after surgery? Does the weight go down after a while, or never???
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You would be completely healed from your hysterectomy! Do you take HRT? you may need estrogen, but if you haven't been taking it all this time...I would look at my thyroid...and just because the blood works says it's fine doesn't mean it's fine...our thyroid and estrogen both affect every thing so if they aren't functioning properly we will feel horrible as well as gain weight, feel bloated, etc! Also you may be having some adrenal issues...so you might want to get a hormone blood work panel, thyroid checked (check stop the thyroid madness for more info in regards to getting the right tests for the thyroid) I would have my adrenals checked by a holistic Dr. via a saliva test because the blood tests only check it in the morning which is not an accurate check and in my opinion worthless...You might be low on Vit D3...so if I were you...I would go in and have a full work up done...see what your blood work has to say and go from there on what you need to do to get back to feeling well! Don't let the Dr's dismiss you...if you feel things are not right...then they aren't...keep seeking and if one dr. doesn't help find another until you find one willing to listen to you and your symptoms and treat according to blood work and symptoms not just the blood work that is just a baseline to help you figure things out...Good luck! Also...if you can do acupuncture...do so...this helps so much with all my issues...no ovaries, adrenals and thyroid almost non-functioning...Do ALOT of Self Care! You are worth it...so take the time to nurture you and your health...cortisol is another big cause of the body holding weight...So keep seeking the answers!
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