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Can you spread diseases through touching clothes, then something else, etc.?

Recently I touched dried blood. While I understand my risk of exposure is fairly low, I am still planning on going to my doctor and talking to them and getting tested if need be.
I am afraid that EVERYTHING I come in contact with is now contaminated. I washed my hands after I touched the dried blood, but am now worried about the pants I have on. I washed those, but on the way downstairs they touched my CLEAN laundry and a jacket. Now I am worried all those things have germs.
I know this sounds crazy, but I work in a setting where I have exposure with lots of adults and kids. I don't want to get anyone sick or spread ANYTHING.
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What disease are you afraid of with just touching dried blood?  Hepatitis is Blood to Blood.  Not just your skin touching blood.  HIV is also something you can't get from just touching blood.  And going from clothing to clothing via pants to clean laundry, just not realistic.  I'm wondering about your anxiety level.  I really think it appears you need to speak to a professional about anxiety.  good luck
Hello....I had cuts on my fingers though, so that is an open wound for something to enter.
I know it doesn't seem realistic, but I am trying to make sure others are not getting sick by me.
No, it definitely isn't realistic.  Talk to your doctor about your anxiety hon.
a cut that can transmit anything is something actively bleeding, a scab is not really an open wound.  HIV is not a possibility from dried blood but you'd have to be bleeding and touch the dried blood with that specifically.  And the dried blood would have to be hep tainted.  which isn't likely.  
I agree HIV is killed in dried blood very quickly so there is no risk. If your cut was closed or had a scab you have no risk of anything.
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