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Fungal UTI Candida Albicans

I have had uti since 2 years old (kidney reflux) that turned into to major kidney stone problem and I was infected with ESBL ecoli. For the past 2 years I have a fungal infection in my urine. I have had 6 rounds of diflucan to no avail. My urology dr is at a loss. Should I be seeing an infectious disease dr at this point?  When I take diflucan I feel better quickly. Once I stop within a few days I feel terrible again. They prescribe diflucan for 14 days. Had it 6 x’s. Always comes back. No bacteria grows in urine. I am also antibiotic resistant from antibiotics for 49+ years. I Am not diabetic but do have polycystic ovarian syndrome. WBC >182 /HP  no bacteria growth is current urinalysis.
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Did this current urine grow Candida albicans? C albicans can be resistant to drugs ending in azole. Diflucan is Fluconazole.  They can give you Amphotericin B but it has bad side effects. I would the infectious doctor.  
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