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Hiv ?

I had an indeterminate hiv test which led my doctor to do a western blot test because of my symptoms and swollen lymph nodes. The test showed P24and P17 bands but indicated an indeterminate result with a comment suggesting RNA test. My doctor said he was unsure how to interpret this and has referred me to a infectious disease specialist. I am going crazy and my husband is afraid to touch me which has left me feeling all alone. To my knowledge there has been no infidelity I had surgery with complications 5 months ago and on 2nd surgery they prepped me for a blood transfusion but said they didn't have to do it, I also was given the flu vaccine so I don't know if risks lie there. Anyway I have done a lot of research and believe I am missing one band that would confirm a positive. One question is since P24and p17 is present does that mean I have been exposed to HIV but am not HIV positive? Or, does it mean I will soon develop the third band? It's sorta confusing with indeterminate and need to retest just prolongs my anxiety, I wish there was just yes or no and not maybe also. Any help or encouragement will be appreciated as the specialist has not returned my calls to set the appointment.
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The blood supply in the US is screened for HIV and Hepatitis B and C and maybe West Nile virus too. Also, you can't get it from the flu vaccine. As for the western blot, I'm not sure about that. Hopefully, your doctor will contact you soon.
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you didn't have blood transfusion in the end, you didn't get a flu vaccine (even in these two cases, transmission won't be possible or would be extremely rare) and you were not unfaithful. therefore, two scenarios here:

1) your husband was unfaithful, then he had unprotected sex with you and infected you. this would explain your intermediate result (you're seroconverting).

2) false positive result, which can be due many different things.

what you must do now:

1) take the PCR RNA test to definitely rule out HIV infection.

2) explain your husband the situation (you were not unfaithful, etc.) and ask him to test as soon as possible.

please do keep us updated with your case.
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"One question is since P24and p17 is present does that mean I have been exposed to HIV but am not HIV positive? Or, does it mean I will soon develop the third band?"

It can be this or it can be that your body reacts to the test in a different way due different things (autoinmune diseases, etc.). The best way to turn the page with this subject is to do a PCR RNA, wich directly detected virus on blood.
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