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Mono ??

So recently I made out with my bf, the day after however my throat feels like kind of sore, but not too sore. I was reading on google that it might be mono or sometimes even gonorrhea. I will be going to the doc soon to get it checked out. But in the meantime what could this be ?? Super worried. What would the symptoms for mono be?
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Devastating.  Extreme fatigue.  As sick as you really want to be for a couple of weeks.  You say recently, but don't say how recently.  Given we are in the covid pandemic, that would be more likely.   I discovered when I was in college when I got very sick for a couple weeks that tonsilitis and mono have the same symptoms.  But I was, as I say, pretty sick.  I was young and got over it.  But you know, you can't diagnose yourself and neither can we.  It could be anything or nothing at all.  But a sore throat is a symptom of covid.
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Thank you so much for your response, I will go to the doc soon
It could be a number of things. Sore throat, fever is first sign of Covid19. It could be mono but you usually have extreme fatigue and sometimes pain in the spleen. Strep throat can give you a very very sore throat and fever. Usually with Strep there are white pus spots on the tonsils and/or back of the throat, also fatigue. Gonorrhoeae of the throat would be from oral sex and you can get pus in the throat as well, sore throat, and possibly fever. So it is hard to say which thing it is. Do you have a cough now that it has been a few days or any sinus issues, stomach problems? Glad you are going to see a doctor.

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