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Tonsilitis produced by oral sex?

hello, everyone. Im going straight to the matter. Like two weeks ago, me and my boyfriend had sex, I gave him oral and he was, lets say, a bit turned on so he took my head and pushed his penis down to my throat and I felt it touched something back there. After that I experimented a little pain, it was like nothing, just a tiny pain. That pain lasted like for 5 days I Think, not very sure. But since 5 days ago I started to feel very sick, fever, headache, really...really sick. I have been taking acetaminophen to control the fever which is very high. Today I asked my friend, who is last year medical student, and she saw me and said it is bacterial tonsilitis indeed. She recommended me anti-biotics that I am going to take. But the point is, maybe by doing "deepthroat oral" to my boyfriend caused me a little injury which the bacteria used to get into me?

I really will appreciate an answer. Thanks a lot
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Hi and sorry your boyfriend did that to you. I find it abusive. But that is another matter, You might want to ask a counselor about that. Do you see any pus (white spots in the back of the throat or where the injury occurred? It does sound like you may have gotten strep throat or another bacterial infection. It may not have been from the incident but could be a combination of that, which broke the skin, and getting exposed to the bacteria. It would be best to get a throat swab for strep throat. It is a rapid test the doctor can do in the office. Then you can be treated properly. Strep throat can cause other problems if you don't get treated. In any case it does sound like you need antibiotics. So you should be prescribed the correct ones for the bacteria that is infecting your throat. If the strep test is negative they may want to do a culture and give you antibiotics, which they can change if the culture indicates it requires some other antibiotic. I would tell you boyfriend not to do that again (be forceful) and you need yes and no boundaries. If he forces anything else on you I would dump him. That is my opinion. Men only get more and more aggressive if they are abusive. So you will have to see.
take care,
Her words:  "I gave him oral...."  I don't see an action that would cause a response stating that maybe she should be a therapist.

It appears as if she's a bit put off that she's having problems now...problems that may or may not have been contributed to by her deciding to give "oral." I am sorry she is having problems and hope she gets better quickly.

On the other hand, I hope she didn't give her boyfriend "the clap" or other conditions by her deciding to give "oral."
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Thanks a lot for your time. And, I do see white spots there but just a few. And on the relationship advice , thanks Too, gonna do that Too. Take care :)
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Glad to help. It does sound like strep or definitely a bacterial infection. Good for you on your decision. It hit me the wrong way when I read it.
Let me know how it goes or if you need any other advice.
Take care,
Nothing "sounds" like strep or other bacteria without a strep test or culture. Many viruses cause threats that look or sound like strep.
I am a microbiologist and the community leader on the Infectious Disease site, and yes it can "sound like strep" if there is pus and a fever. That is an indication of a throat infection . The most common throat infection is due to "Strep" . Viruses don't usually cause pus. A strep test only usually picks up Group A strep or Streptococcus pyogenes. But the culture should show any type of throat infection. PCR can also do this or molecular methods.  
Hello, mkh9: I mean no offense and do not wish to be or sound pedantic, especially in my senescence...but you are conflating and mis-stating certain stuff:

Pus on throat+fever=throat infection to be sure, but NOT necessarily and usually NOT strep.

The most common throat infection is categorically NOT due to strep. Throat infections are, by far, caused primarily by viruses. Some viruses cause pus and others do not.  Both strep and viruses can also cause swollen glands, but not always.

Certainly they do NOT all need treatment unless treatment is prophylactic or is proven strep A by test or culture, or is otherwise indicated for, for example, a compromised immune system.

Thus it is incorrect to call any sore throat with or without pus, "strep throat." "Strep throat" has become essentially a garbage, untrue terminology for most sore throats.

The ignorance of what "strep throat" is, especially by young mothers, appalling.

It is important to recognize that Group A strep can have as sequelae rheumatic fever, meningitis, ear infections,  heart conditions, and others. It is important to note that, when one has rheumatic fever and/or its sequelae, then that person is perhaps just too late to prevent life-long problems.

Thus, imho, the only "throat infections" that need to be mandatorily treated are Group A Strep. Other sore throats (not Group A Strep) may or may not be helped by treatment, other than gargling or sucking on a lozenge which helps almost everyone.

I see so many of your comments, and I really appreciate them.
I think I should also mention a personal thought. IMHO it would be great if a strep test (like in the doctor's office) were available with no prescription...just like pregnancy tests.

It would save everybody a lot of grief, time, and unnecessary expense.
I agree with everything you said. Sometimes I try to communicate more simply to the group here to try to get all to understand.  I noticed if one gets too technical it is also not effective.  I probably should have worded my statement differently.  Yes most throat infections are mostly viral and doctors overtreat with antibiotics.  I think we on the same page.
Thanks for your input. They should have OTC strep tests and Influenza tests.  But I don't think doctors would believe the general public's interpretation of results and OTC tests are not all that sensitive depending on the test. Usually a culture is done if the swab is negative as I recall. So they would probably retest or treat empirically
But culture is still the gold standard.  PCR is faster but expensive.  I have a friend that is or was working on a test that could be used on cell phones in rural areas. Lots of interesting ideas.  Personally i was treated empirically by an infectious disease doctor for a really bad Group G strep throat.  I had typed it myself in the lab and must have acquired it that way. I had high fever, both tonsils were covered with pus. I was so sick I barely drove a couple of blocks to the doctor's office.  He gave me a shot of Azithromycin and a Z pack. Patient history is really golden. I got better after a few days.
Thank you for responding. I appreciate your thoughts and efforts. Keep up the good work.

No question you have to tailor your responses to the level of the group.  That was a lot of fun for me when I was in practice, but I sized up the patients that were right in front of me.

I had a routine (which I hadn't really been taught) for that. I suggested to my patients that they show me what they were concerned about. Then I would tell them everything I knew to make them better...and what they had. THEN, they could ask me as many questions as they wished. It was seldom they had a question.

What was "fun" and interesting to me was that my office staff of six women would regale me with how so many patients thought the visit was terrific, and that I was with them for 20 to 30 minutes. The reality was that the average visit was 8 to 10 minutes.

Best wishes to you. Perhaps we'll cross paths again.
Sounds like you were a great doctor.  Hard to find these days
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I was wondering, you didn't mention if he wore a condom or not. If he didn't you should also get checked for STD's if you don't know his status. I think the main problem is probably the strep throat but you can get several STD's from oral sex. These include Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Syphilis, Herpes, Intestinal parasites, Hepatitis type A, HIV (low risk but not zero). Generally, if a condom is worn there is no risk unless it gets broken. Also, usually if there is no blood such as from bleeding gums, teeth, sores on the penis, or in the mouth you may be okay from HIV at least. But since you could have had damage, if no condom was worn and if you don't know his STD status you may want to get checked for that too about 10-15 days from exposure then in about 30 days. This is for your protection. I didn't mention it before because I think your infection is probably a strep but it is best to be clear of these things and be knowledgeable that oral is not risk free. Sorry to bring this up. Just want you to be safe.
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