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breast infection?

Hello, looking for help

About 10 years ago I found a lump  on right breast, and had a biopsy performed, after the biopsy I had puss that would leak through the stiches and for a few years after this became very painfull, I went back a had surgery they removed all the ducts from that breast and that didn't help either, I completed a second biopsy and that showed nothing.

Now I struggle to just live day to day without extreme pain, this lump will grow and grow and then pop with puss and blood, I don't want to be cut open again as my breast has been mangled due to being cut open 4 times, not sure where to turn but will travel anywhere to find a specialist...

looking for advice...thanks
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Have they performed a culture on the pus or fluid from the area? Do they know what bacteria is causing the problem? Usually, Staphyloccus aureus causes boils, and things of this nature. Have you gone to an infectious disease specialist?
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In addition to what Mkh9 posted, you may also want to see a Breast Specialist (usually a female surgeon who specializes in breasts and tends to be more gentle).
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