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Kidney Stones Causing UTI?

On Monday (Sept. 30) I went to my local emergency room facility complaining of back pain and nausea. I have been suffering a UTI for a few months, but was unable to get it treated as I had been abroad for the last 6 months. They performed a urinalysis on me and asked the general questions, and then left me sat in a room for 2 hours. They came back later to tell me I have a severe UTI and bladder infection and prescribed antibiotics and a low-dose painkiller.

The painkiller has done nothing for my pain, and I have been taking my antibiotics as instructed since then, but I am showing no signs of improvement. Instead, I am now having difficult starting to urinate, and am having to strain throughout the entire process... and every time I am not completely emptying my bladder. The pain on my right side has started to intensify, to the point that I limp slightly when I walk. I feel very weak and my face feels hot to the touch, and my temperature has been steadily (but slowly) rising during the course of the night. I have an occasional bought of nausea every so often (I don't vomit, but feel like I could), and my appetite has decreased to the point that I am barely eating.

Tonight when I used the bathroom, I swore that I saw what looked like blood in the toilet (although one of the medications turns my urine orange, there was a streak that looked darker orange than the rest and seemed to have twinges of red it it). I'm becoming quite concerned and would love some advice on what I need to do.

Thank you very much for any assistance...
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How are you? Do you still have the symptoms? While some antibiotics'  effect is seen after a few days from the start of the medicine, it is also possible that the bacteria responsible for the UTI is resistant to the antibiotic prescribed.Additional diagnostic tests such as urine culture and sensitivity test may help. If the pain,fever and difficult urination persist, it is best that you check with your doctor for proper evaluation. Imaging studies such as ultrasound may also be done. Take care and do keep us posted.
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