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first kidney stone question

I have had some mild brief pain and pressure in my lower back but nothing to really take note of.  I had an abdominal ultrasound for another issue earlier in the week and saw my results online ...I have an 8mm kidney stone in the lower pole of my left kidney.  I read some and know that this is unlikely to pass on its own.  Since it is really not causing me any problems will it be recommended to be treated or can it just sit there.
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What other symptoms are present? Kidney stones that can not be managed with medication and increased fluid intake may require more invasive treatment especially if there is bleeding, kidney damage or  urinary tract infections already . Depending on the size, type, and location, the stone can be removed through nonsurgical procedures such as ureteroscopy or lithotripsy. Ureteroscopy uses a thin telescopic instrument inserted into the urinary tract while lithotripsy uses high-energy shock waves to break up stones. More invasive procedures such as nephrolithotomy or open surgery may sometimes be indicated. It is best that you discuss the result with your attending physician for proper management. Take care and do keep us posted.
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