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Bilirubin Total - High

Hi, I had Hepatitis A (Jaundice) when I was a 13 year old. Now I am 29 year old and had applied for being a National Guard and the MEPS asked me to submit a liver profile test twice once in June and now in August. My June test did not show any High values for the Bilirubin, Total for the tested blood sample and were normal. However the following was my result in the August test.

Protein, Total, Serum - 7.2 g/dL - Normal Range 6.0-8.5
Albumin, Serum - 4.9 g/dL - Normal Range 3.5-5.5 01
Bilirubin, Total - 1.4 HIGH mg/dL Normal Range 0.0-1.2
Bilirubin, Direct - 0.27 mg/dL Normal Range 0.00-0.40
Alkaline Phosphatase, S - 56 IU/L Normal Range 39-117
LDH - 157 IU/L Normal Range 0-225
AST (SGOT) - 37 IU/L Normal Range 0-40
ALT (SGPT) - 44 IU/L Normal Range 0-44
GGT - 27 IU/L Normal Range 0-65
Cholesterol, Total - 172 mg/dL Normal Range 100-199

Is this result something I should worry about (is it onset of any Liver related Disease or its OK to submit this test result) and if not what should I do to control and get the Bilirubin Total down within the normal range as it was 2 months ago! should I retake this test and wait for a normal range to show-up in a week?
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