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Diagonised as "Fatty liver" in Scan, is this correct, if so, need advise.

Dear doctor,

I was feeling un-comfortable in the upper abdomen. So i went to Master Health Check-up, In scan, the impression they gave is "fatty liver". Below are my Liver Functional test results:

Total Bilurubin: 0.84 mg/dl

Direct Bilurubin : 0.17 mg/dl

SGOT : 40 U/L

SGPT: 50 U/L

Alkaline Phosphatase: 80 U/L

Total Protein: 7.2 gm %

Serum Albumin: 4.1 gm %

Serum Globulin: 3.1 gm %

A.G Ratio: 1.3 : 1

After observing above parameters, is it really fatty liver? If so, is it critical?

Will this fat get reduced in the liver? What is the diet recommended?
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It's not possible to diagnose based on serum levels only. But these number fit the profile of fatty liver disease. You'll need to work with your doctor to nail things down. But you can reduce your sugar intake and add exercise to help reduce the fatty liver option. Alcohol need to be reduced as well since it can quickly lead to a fatty liver. Fortunately, fatty liver can be reversed and eliminated relatively quickly (wrt other forms of liver disease) but it does require a disciplined change in lifestyle.
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