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WHAT are the options for portal hypertension?  Dr. Kevn Hsu of Austin Texas only has Ricky on Naldolol to keep the pressure down... but Rick has spleen and most Pancreatiitis attacks often... it is so hard to have a no fat diet and not lose more weight.. .Lost 40 pounds so far.. he was 176 now 136 pounds now..
I want Ricky on a liver transplant list.. Dr. Hsu thinks I am stressing Ricky out... I dont think so... another Dr.. suggested that Ricky be put on a transplant list.  while he still has some time..
Ricky already acts confused and cant remember a damn thing I tell him.  I AM worried that Dr. Hsu is not telling us something.  
**** first sign of Rickys Portal Hypertension was the big vein by his belly button that hurt to touch it... His liver biopsy was sent to Mayo Clinic and he was diagnosed with liver disease..  NON ALCOHOLIC LIVER DISEASE is what we THink he has... not even sure...

HE doesnt have HIV nor Hepatitis..
He is not a big drinker..social drinker.. on holidays mostly.. . the day they told him of this.. he quit alcohol completey... ive only seen him drunk 3 times in 10 years... that was 2 weddings and 4th of July... LOL...
Can this be hereditary.?
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Yes Nadolol is the appropriate treatment for portal hypertension. Portal hypertension is a complication of cirrhosis. It is not a condition of its own. The only cure is reversing a patient's cirrhosis or a liver transplant.

Ricky is losing weight because of his liver disease. He should see a dietitian at the transplant center if hasn't already. He should be eating more protein and carbohydrates to try to help with his weight.

"I want Ricky on a liver transplant list."
Only qualified people can be on a transplant list. A person has to have a certain amount of liver disease to be listed. It appear Dr. Hsu doesn't think Ricky is ill enough.
Don't you think you should know what his diagnosis is first?
Maybe there is treatment for his liver disease?
Why do you assume her needs a transplant?

"acts confused and cant remember a damn thing "
What other complications of cirrhosis does he have?

" I AM worried that Dr. Hsu is not telling us something. "
Like what?  

"NON ALCOHOLIC LIVER DISEASE is what we Think he has... not even sure... "
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)? You should at least find our what liver disease he has because different liver diseases have different causes and treatments.

"Can this be hereditary?"
Sure. There are many causes of liver disease.

I would suggest you find out what disease he has before deciding on what should be done for him.
How ill is he?
What is his MELD score?
Is he permanently disabled?
Has he been hospitalized for life-threatening complications his liver disease? Like vomiting blood. Going to a coma. Having an infection where he needs IV antibiotics?

If you want to help Ricky you should educate yourself about the disease he has then you will be better able to support him and talk to his doctor.

Good luck!
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